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We Save Lives, One Memory at a Time

Save Every Memory of Every Occasion!

These Images Give Suggestions of Special Events

Think of Your website as a Book of unlimited size. Divide your book into Chapters. Each Chapter can store all the memories for that chapter. Look at the Book ideas above.
Have some Secret Memories? Save as many as you want and make them password protected.

You have many choices

You probably have your photos and videos spread across many social media sites but they come and go. Where will your memories be in 10 years?
Those social media sites are nothing like having your own personal website. You will find the flexibility of your site incredible.

Technology worth celebrating

The perfect book

Perfect = One safe and inexpensive place where you can store every memory of your life forever. There has never been a more Perfect Answer to such a Universal Need. Your Book can store every picture, video, audio, and document you ever create. With one click you can access your memories from anyplace in the world

What Can You Save?

Anything and everything!

MISSION STATEMENT: Every Life is Special. Each filled with priceless memories that God has given us. Six years ago, we tried to organize our memories. Since we couldn't find a solution, we decided to create one. We hope you will love our solution as much as we do. Since we now can, let's start saving some lives today...One Memory at a Time!
What is a Book? Your Book has pages just like a paper book but they are saved as web pages instead of paper. Your Book can be totally private, totally public, or a little of both. The exciting part is, with the design tools included in your site, you can create the most beautiful website you have ever seen. Or just relax and make a very nice Book.

Will my memories be safe?

Amazon Web Services

Magic Memory Books

Magic Memory Books elected to bypass cheaper storage alternatives and chose AWS, the safest cloud storage company on the planet. With the AWS safety record of 99.99999999999%, be assured, Your Memories are Safe!

Our Happy Clients Say...

We have a very active family with 3 children and a dog. Now we store all our photos and videos of our family growing up. We love having all our memories in one place, just a click away . We're looking forward to looking back at "how we were." We've linked our book to to friend's books so we can easily share our memories.

Sydney Baton

I got my book in 12th grade. Saved my pictures & videos of prom, football, friends, and graduation. I'm now adding my college experiences to my book. One thing I really is the privacy pages for my secret memories that only I can access. Shhhh!  Some time in the future I'll be looking forward to seeing how I was as a young fräulein

Pietra Schwarzler


No, I am not a narcissist but if I were, this is the perfect way for me to share me with me.  Kidding aside, having my own memory book is beyond delightful.

Olivia LaCasella


Wow, an idea that perfectly fits the need.  now I can store our special memories on video, audio, and photos. Plus, since I can save everything, I also use my book as an office filing cabinet.  I store all my important documents plus my children's report cards, every finger painting...who knows?, birth certificates, awards, et al.  Thank you Memory Books.

Shane Martin

pack rat

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