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Mom! Where’s My Baby Book

This question has echoed through generations, but those days are over. Traditional baby books often get lost, but Your Baby Books can never be lost.

Just as you can always find Google at, your Baby Book can always be found at the same place –

Cherish Every Moment with your Baby Book/Diary

As a mother, every moment with your child is precious. Our Baby Book lets you save every milestone, firsts, and favorite moments from Your Marriage through Their 100th Birthday Party, and beyond.

Security and Peace of Mind with AWS Servers

Our Baby Books are hosted by AWS, the largest cloud hosting provider in the world!  With AWS’s robust security and backup systems, it’s virtually impossible to lose even one memory.

Choose your level of privacy:

  • Private: For your eyes only.
  • Private: Viewable with a password.
  • Private: Viewable with a password, with some pages are hidden.
  • Public:   Viewable by anyone with some pages are hidden.

Save Their Memories Forever!

* Our Standard Package includes 10 Gigs of Storage or enough for about 5,000 pictures, unlimited text, & unlimited video links.
* Additional storage available for purchase.

Baby Book – $99

Pay Once Enjoy Forever

  • 30 day – 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.
  • Add additional Baby Books for Every child & grandchild – No Charge!
  • Your Books are hosted by Amazon Web Services, the world’s largest web hosting company. World-Wide Backups. You’ll never lose a memory!
  • Your site will never run slow, nor ever be offline.
  • Your original Baby Book link address will never change
  • You can change your privacy settings as needed.
  • How about this? You can add your friend’s Baby Book links into your Baby Book & visa versa. How fun is that?
  • You can make a new page for Announcements, Invitations, Get Togethers, etc. Then sent that link for that one page to selected friends.