My Yosemite Story…

Actually, this sample story consolidates what would have been 40 different Yosemite stories, one for each trip.

But from this sample story you will get the idea of the kind of memories you can save and how the media can enhance the story dramatically.


When I was 19 years old I read an article in the LA Times that Yosemite (click link) was in need of summer workers…apply here.  Since my span of attention didn’t allow me to fill out applications, I hitched a ride to Yosemite and started work the day I arrived.  Not a surprise to me since my parents always said, “you can do anything you set your mind to.”


My job was the wash and wax the Camp Curry Dining Pavilion wood floors, alone, every night from midnight to 7 am.  It was a great job, we got all we wanted to eat for free. Technically, we were limited on our selection and quantity but the boss said we could eat anything we wanted.


Our staff accommodations then were the same as we have been using for most of the last 51 years, tent cabins.  Sometimes when we got a little extra money, we rented real cabins.  On our very rich years we went wild and got a cabin with a bath!


Fortunately, my girlfriend’s parents, the wonderful Bernie and Ginny Feeney, decided to camp in Yosemite for two weeks that summer.  They never dreamed what would be in store for them, and actually, neither did I!  


Joan and I spent every day together for the next two weeks. In the evening, night after night, we watched the romantic Fire Falls, and listening to rangers sing “Indian Love Call”  (<< Click link)We had so much fun together, I did the only natural thing…Joanonbeach2

One evening I sat Joan down on this stump at the edge of the Merced River, got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.  Lucky for me, she said yes and the rest is history.  Our three children Lloyd Jr (Stuart) Martin, Meridith Miller, and Shane Martin and our six grandchildren are a result of that one Yes.3361014-root-of-a-tree-in-a

We have been back about 4o times since that summer and have spent hundreds of wonderful days at Yosemite with our family and sometimes we were blessed with the company of 10 or more additional families from Burbank, CA.

imgxx081DSC_9293.JPG DSC_9389.JPG 


Now that I’m 71, I often think back on the thousands of memories we’ve had in our favorite place in the world.  To see our children, grandchildren and everyone’s children enjoying the outstanding beauty of one of God’s creations gives a person special pause, as you can see on my face.  Thanks God for all of the memories.

A good song for this Story.  Take a moment and close your eyes…

This is a video of our favorite hike

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