How to Add a Story

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[su_tab title=”Read This First“]

Start by clicking on Add New Story

There two steps to making a story come alive

  1. Write a Story about your life
  2. Insert some Media into your Story

Media means any Photos, Videos, Audios, or Documents.

Now read the Add Media to Media File Tab


[su_tab title=”Add Media To Media File“]

You can add Media to your Book, before, during, or after you write a Story.

Follow these simple steps.

First Click on

 media button 

Then Click, Upload Files


Now you can drag and drop pictures onto this screen or Select Files from your computer.

Drop files

When you have complete the above steps, you can see your uploaded files by clicking on Media Library.

media library

That’s it.  Now you can Add Media to Your Book

Now read the Add Media to Story Tab


[su_tab title=”Add Media to Story“]

Now that you have media in your Media file you can add media to your Stories.

Follow these simple steps.

First Click

 media button

Then Click, Media Library

smedia library

Just click on the Media you want to add to your Story, then click the Insert Into Story button found in the bottom right corner.    To add more than one Media file, hold down the Control Key and select as many files as you desire. Then click the Insert Into Story button found in the bottom right corner.

Now read the Make a Gallery Tab


[su_tab title=”Make a Gallery“]

To make a Gallery of pictures, first click on media button


Then Click on Create Gallerycreate gallery

Just click on each Media you want to add to your Gallery, then click the Create Gallery button found in the bottom right corner.   If you choose a file you do not want, hold down the Control key and click it again and it will deselect it.

If you have already created a Gallery you want to insert into your story, Click on NextGen Gallery

nextgen gallery

Now read the Chapter Info Tab


[su_tab title=”Chapter Info“]

Chapters are the feature that allows for easy sorting of your stories. Chapters are found under the menu “Stories” above or on the side section of every Story.

Select Chapters and add as many Chapters as you want to make your book navigation better.  The kind of Chapters you add depend on your type of Book and your personal preferences.

Chapter Examples…Keep in mind that you can make Primary, Secondary, & Third Position Chapters

For Primary Chapters just add the Chapter Name.  For 2nd, 3rd, 4th position, select the Parent under the Parent dropdown list.  Remember, when you are adding a Chapter to a Story, you can choose multiple Chapters that are appropriate.

Baby Book Full Life Book Retirement Book 4H Project Book
Before Birth My Youth Career Story  Choosing My Project
Our Plan Before School Days Lockheed Aviation  The First Day
My Shower Grade School College Professor  Week 2
Trip to Hospital Teen Years Planning the Party  Feeding my pet
The Birth Drama My Schools  Guest List  Cleaning my pet
Birth to One Yr Old John Muir Jr High  Stories from Guests  Week 3
First “MaMa” Burbank High School  Speeches   Feeding my pet
First Steps College Years    




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